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Digital Transformation Week!

Over 2 dozen of St. Lucian business executives got a full appreciation of the digital framework that drives the future office, and how it can positively impact productivity, security, and profitability during the Digital Transformation Week of brunch held late August. J.E. Bergasse & Company Ltd on Monday August 19th to Thursday August 22nd demonstrated how the shift in doing work in the modern world will impact main sectors healthcare, finance, legal & tourism and the...

J.E. Bergasse & Company Limited Welcomes Onboard Dell!

J.E. Bergasse & Company Ltd today announced its partnership in Saint Lucia with Dell. Dell’s story began with two technology companies and one shared vision: to provide greater access to technology for people around the world. Beginning over a generation ago, in founder Michael Dell’s Texas University dorm room he believed he could provide customers with more powerful technology at a better value by rethinking how computers were manufactured and delivered. Around the same...

Security, Your Printers, and Your Data

What motivates cyber criminals? The obvious answer is money, but cybersecurity company McAfee wanted to know if there is more to it. McAfee researchers examined recent examples of ransomware and the accompanying ransom notes that included email addresses where victims could send their payments or ask questions. The researchers sent emails asking the “actors” if they would answer a few questions. Initially, the McAfee team received a few replies, but most of the actors did...

Disorganized Accounting Hurts Productivity!

Accounting departments are typically quite paper intensive and wastage is unfortunately common. Between accounts receivables, payables, financial regulations, and disaster recovery plans; accountants print far more than they really need to on a daily basis – incurring unseen and uncalculated printing costs. Additionally; if financial documents aren't retrieved within 5 minutes of searching, reprints occur. IF said ‘historical’ document is essential for work to continue...


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