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Disorganized Accounting Hurts Productivity!

Accounting departments are typically quite paper intensive and wastage is unfortunately common. Between accounts receivables, payables, financial regulations, and disaster recovery plans; accountants print far more than they really need to on a daily basis – incurring unseen and uncalculated printing costs.

Additionally; if financial documents aren’t retrieved within 5 minutes of searching, reprints occur. IF said ‘historical’ document is essential for work to continue more time is spent searching. On top of all of this, if a disaster strikes and records are destroyed, things become even more complicated. Ultimately, employee productivity will be affected in the end!

To combat this dilemma, a robust set of tools that allows the accounting department to scan, email, archive and print documents using your existing Xerox office multifunction printer provide a solution!

J.E. Bergasse & Company Ltd through its partner Xerox integrates Connectkey technology to solve basic Account Receivables and Payables challenges for better efficiency and effectiveness to transform your accounting department! 

How can the ConnectKey platform work with existing accounting software to digitize reports and invoices with ease? Here are 5 ways:

  1. Time Savings. By automating accounting with Xerox office solutions, employees can scan invoice headers and line-item data directly with optical character recognition software available on the Xerox app studio accessible via your Xerox Multifunction printer. This allows for two-way and even three-way matching without human interaction, thus saving hours every day.
  2. Accurate Processing. Additionally, the optical character recognition feature is faster and more accurate than manual labor, as with automated matching this eliminates human error, reduces the need for oversight, and prevents duplicate payments.
  3. Real-Time Monitoring. With Xerox workflow solutions in place, accounting process owners can easily look directly into payment cycle processes without having to wait for employees to find and present documents. Managers and administrators can monitor payment processes in real-time.
  4. Improved Visibility. The ability to see the accounting department’s big picture at any time means that managers, executives, and stakeholders can analyze key performance metrics in real-time and adjust processes when necessary. This reduces non-compliance and enables constant improvement.
  5. Customized Functionality. The ConnectKey platform supports third-party development and software engineering. With the help of experienced print experts, businesses can seamlessly integrate their accounting processes with any other department or vendor

In the end, the use of Connectkey technology generates efficiencies and produces benefits that can transform the accounting department itself which leads to

Improved Business Relationships. Keeping accounting documents digital and transmitting them automatically gives businesses an upper hand when communicating with partners, customers, and vendors. It also improves the organization’s ability to on-board new hires, approve new suppliers, and pay invoices on time.

Better Use of Talent. Organizations that automate invoices with Xerox ConnectKey enjoy the ability to leverage their accounting talent towards strategic, high-impact processes. By reducing dependence on manual processes, businesses are able to free their best employees from spending time on high-volume, low-impact processes that don’t help the bottom line.

Our expertise is critical to making the best choice when acquiring office equipment for accounting departments and processes. The team at J.E.Bergasse & Company Limited can provide the development knowledge and consulting services office managers need to minimize waste while maximizing productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

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