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Let’s talk about natural & data security disasters in the workplace!

The Caribbean is one of the most beautiful, culturally rich, and diverse regions of the world. Living and working here does come with its fair share of challenges, however. One major challenge of the Caribbean is the volatility of the climate and the resulting propensity of the archipelago to be stricken by natural disasters. Aside from the traditional hurricane season which is an accepted risk that we face annually, islands have also been stricken by flooding, earthquakes, fires,...

Which Service Maintenance Agreement Should You Get?

You've decided to trade in your current machine for a new one because you're just tired of the downtimes and dents in your productivity and workflow. You've decided to get a Xerox model, but you want to ensure that you do not experience the same levels of interruptions as before.You now know the benefits of getting a Full-Service Maintenance Agreement; however, you're still wavering on which one you should agree to get. But first...a quick bonus on why you should get an FSMA at the...

Can’t I just call for a technician to come in?

A new administrative assistant has joined your printing production company and is responsible for ensuring that the equipment always has supplies and paper. One of the drums has depleted on your most used machine, so they decide to change it, using a pen to lift the switch, because they can't comfortably hold it. You walk up to find them using a pen to help remove the drum and accidentally scratching it. Now your prints are giving you grey lines on the pages.  You don't...

Can your printer keep you running 24/7/365?

What would it mean to your establishment if you were able to cut the down-time of your printer? Picture this:It's a Monday morning, you have an important meeting, and you have a report to print. You head to the printer only to find that it's jammed, or there's an error code on there that you don't understand. IT is out of the office, busy, or you may be outsourcing. The problem is, you need support stat. Not only has this glitch cost you time, but it might also have cost...


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