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Skip The Doomsday Thinking

Our mental health might have been affected lately, leaving us angry, bitter, or sad. That’s why it’s necessary to protect it, especially during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Here are five strategies you can use during this new (temporary) situation:

1. Recognize that your anxiety is completely normal

With headlines of shutdowns, Covid-19 related deaths, and increases in cases gracing your timelines and chats every minute, feeling anxious is normal. Recognize that, but also set some measures in place to help support managing your new time. It’s imperative to stay informed, but be mindful of the “newsfeed” rabbit hole.

 2. Move Your Body 

Just because you may be limited to spending time outside, don’t spend it all sitting all day. Stretch, take a short walk nearby, do some housecleaning, put on some music, dance. Keeping active is now more paramount than ever. 

3. Find new ways to connect with friends & family

If you want to spend time with your friends and family while limiting your face time, social media and technology tools such as Zoom and WhatsApp are great alternative ways to connect. Be creative.

4. Focus on yourself & take time to relax

Have you been wanting to learn a new language, read more books, or maybe you enjoy cleaning or decluttering? It is so important to set aside time for yourself right now. Unwind, do something you love, and bring back that quality into your lifestyle. Here’s a bonus article on fueling your body.

5. BONUS – Disconnect from Social Media more often.

  • Do you feel like social media is consuming your life? Have you become addicted to social media & you need a social media detox? A study done by ‘We Are Social” found that the average time someone spends on social media in a day is 2 hours and 24 minutes, with 50.1% of the time spent on mobile devices. Though social media platforms are becoming more attractive and can connect people, they are also becoming more addictive. “p.s. Listen to this podcast episode on how YOU can start to disconnect

If your goal is to regain balance with your mental health, start with these five simple strategies. Your mental health will thank you. 


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