Corporate & Social Responsibility

Social responsibility has been ingrained in the J. E. Bergasse culture since our earliest days as a company. Good citizenship in our view is, quite simply, good business. We take great care to balance a generous spirit with the wise stewardship of J. E. Bergasse resources. Making a difference is doing more than what you must, it’s about doing what you can.


Making a Difference is doing more than what you must – it’s about doing what you can

J.E. Bergasses’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, Y.E.S! (Youth Empowered to Shine) focuses on supporting youth education and development initiatives in St. Lucia directly and through the Ministry of Education.

“Making a difference is doing more than what you must – it’s about doing what you can. We’ve always been part of our communities – supporting government programmes, education and youth development. Y.E.S! is our way of saying Thank You and is our flagship for our integrated approach to Corporate Social Responsibility.” says Anthony Bergasse, Managing Director, J.E. Bergasse & Company Ltd.

Youth Empowered to Shine! was launched on June 10, 2009 and is the company’s formal statement of our commitment to youth development and is a precursor to a number of other strategic initiatives. These strategic initiatives include further equipment donations and service support to schools and human resource centres and the sponsorship of deserving entities and projects.

We’ve always been part of our communities – supporting government programs, education and youth development.

Y.E.S! is what J.E. Bergasse is saying to St. Lucia’s youth. We encourage positive, constructive youth development by supporting education and training initiatives through the provision of both physical equipment and technical expertise.

Y.E.S! is the exclamation of achievement for both J.E. Bergasse and Company Limited and its benefactors. The name portrays our organization’s dedication towards the use of part of our profits to identify social deficits and say Y.E.S! to the solutions.

Institutions, youth initiatives and schools to receive assistance through the Y.E.S! programme are chosen through a careful selection process. The Company’s concentration is mainly geared towards schools, institutions and programmes in dire need of basic essentials for youth development. These include but are not limited to the underprivileged, the poor, communities devastated by disaster and schools identified by the Ministry of Education.

J.E. Bergasse and Company Ltd. stands behind social and economic development. A stance perhaps often overlooked for its simplicity: ‘give back to society and empower it to grow’. When it comes to social development, J.E. Bergasse and Company Ltd. has one thing to say… Y.E.S!

Our Vision

To be the pre-eminent source for business technologies, office solutions and information technology support – integral to business today and the next generation!

Our Mission

To empower our clients businesses with superior technological solutions while creating shared value for our shareholders, employees, and our community.

Our Philosophy

J.E. Bergasse & Co. Ltd is committed to:
  • Operate with integrity
  • Supply and support quality products and provide efficient and reliable service consistently to each and every customer without distinction.
  • Provide our team with job security, competitive benefits and opportunities for personal and professional development in an harmonious environment.
  • Operate profitably in order to maximise return on investment.
  • Be a model corporate citizen contributing to the development of our country.