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Get the most of your office technology by investing in multifunction devices. Having a printer is great, but yours is no doubt an office where more than simple run-of-the-mill printing will suffice. You need more in order to effectively manage more tasks and be more productive. We are proud to work exclusively with our trusted brand name partners at Xerox and Lexmark.

Discover how together with Xerox: We make work, work.


Is work getting in the way of work?

Today’s workers are busier than ever and pulled in different directions. It seems like everyone has two jobs. That tsunami of admin, those invoices that need filing and paying, the emails that need opening. All those repetitive, mundane tasks that people are too busy dealing with to get their actual work done. That’s where we come in. Together with Xerox, we can help with award winning technology and innovations designed to make work better, simpler, less stressful, and more productive for all.

What we can do for you?


What gets you whistling on the way to work? Bet it’s not filling out forms.

Challenge: Whether you’re in the office, at an offsite meeting, or working from home, you need the right tools to avoid repetitive mundane tasks – to help you stay connected and productive.

How we solve it: By making it easier for people to do great work wherever they happen to be working. From the information you need at home to the equipment and cloud-based services you use in the office, and everything in between.

See how this changed the rules for a school district.


Security for people who don’t want to lose sleep over security.

Challenge: Your people aren’t wired for 24/7 data security. They just want to get on with their day. Security processes that get in the way often get overlooked or even simply ignored.

How we solve it: By preventing, detecting, and protecting against threats to your sensitive documents, devices and data. From safeguarding your files to securing your print infrastructure, together with Xerox, we make it easy for your people to stay secure, so they hardly need to think about it.

See this in action here.


Digitize your workplace, and it’s not just trees you’ll save.

Challenge: We’re all keen to go green. But in the workplace, that can be easier said than done with balancing sustainability goals with realities of business, cost controls, and performance targets.

How we solve it: By digitizing your workflows to cut down on paper usage while making things simpler and more efficient. Recommending the right fit of technology so you can leverage a smaller number of higher-quality, energy efficient devices.

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