Digital Duplicators

Print & Graphics: Digital Duplicators at J.E. Bergasse & Company Ltd.

Are you interested in saving money while improving office efficiency? Of course you are! Consider investing in digital duplicator office solutions. Our RISO brand duplicators give businesses greater control over graphic and print capabilities. Know precisely what you’re getting and when you’re getting it. With your own digital duplicator you and your team can feel free to experiment with different ideas and designs until completely satisfied with the results.

For What Are Digital Duplicators Used?

Digital duplicators are built to complete creative print jobs—typically those more complex than standard computer printers. Used for a variety of projects digital duplicators are large-scale printing solutions that may be accessed by several individuals and even departments at once. Some projects for which digital duplicators may be used include:

Save time and money. Get the job done right for less money while ensuring higher quality solutions.


S-7154U – RISO SF9450U

The SF series offers various ways of printing, depending on your specific requirements.

S-7155U – RISO SF5450U

Standard equipment of PC-I/F, Direct printing from a USB flash drive

S-7156U – RISO SF5430U

The information on the 128 × 64 dot LCD panel can be easily viewed

S-7157U – RISO SF5230U

The total management system improves convenience by integrating applications in one place.

ComColor link

All RISO ComColor printers offer low printing costs, fast printing speeds, and full color and black and white printing.


The ME9450’s Auto Color Conversion process converts 4-color design files to 2-color digital output.


The SE9480 uses liquid ink while electrophotographic copiers use dry toner.


The RISO EZ231 is equipped with the RISO i Quality System.