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Skip The Doomsday Thinking

Our mental health might have been affected lately, leaving us angry, bitter, or sad. That's why it's necessary to protect it, especially during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Here are five strategies you can use during this new (temporary) situation: 1. Recognize that your anxiety is completely normal With headlines of shutdowns, Covid-19 related deaths, and increases in cases gracing your timelines and chats every minute, feeling anxious is normal. Recognize that, but...

Nagico St. Lucia & Three Other Billers Joins SurePay.

With the community spread of Covid-19 experienced in Saint Lucia over the last couple of months, SurePay continues to play its part in encouraging social distancing, with the onboarding of four new billers. With these additions, the current number of billers using SurePay is now twenty-seven. The new billers are: Nagico St.Lucia758 LoansCathedral ParishSt. Joseph The Worker Parish In addition to our four new billers, customers can now also choose to pay their bills at these...

Watch SitePro revolutionize their service offerings with the cloud. How did the software platform, SitePro, find its competitive edge? By making themselves the "one-stop shop" for oil and gas companies to combine what used to be multiple systems--each operated by a different third party--into a single, scalable, integrated system. For their customers, this means faster setup times for new facilities and efficient monitoring of their equipment. For SitePro, it means more business. Everyone wins. And, with the vast and...

Embracing a world of accelerated change.

In the digital age, your business must offer customers increased security and privacy without breaking the bank. Security across all your devices is key to ensuring you're protected, safeguard cyber threats proactively with enhanced and constantly updated tools and anomaly detection policies. As we know this can be a challenge, that's why we're here to help. 41% of employees now spend more time away from their office than they did two years ago. And having a solution that...


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