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SurePay Welcomes 4 New Billers.

Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic, SurePay is pleased to welcome four new billers, bringing the current number of billers on the island, using SurePay, to twenty-two. The new billers are: Courts Saint LuciaSun General InsuranceFast Cash St. LuciaAgostini Insurance Brokers Since launching in late 2012, the company’s stated mandate is to become the one-stop convenient bill payment service for its Saint Lucian customers, both individual and corporate. To date, we continue to see...

How Dell is helping you transition into remote working.

Working remotely might open you up to a slight dip in productivity, but there are ways to enhance that. Download this guide today to discover how you can elevate your workforce to optimal productivity while they’re working remotely. Want to know how we can help you transition into working remotely? Let’s talk. Please feel free to contact our sales team with any questions via

How Microsoft Teams fosters collaboration and builds productivity.

How are you staying connected with your employees whilst working remotely? We use Microsoft Teams which has allowed us to not only stay connected, but collaborative. COVID-19 has changed the way companies across the globe are working as more people practice social distancing. But before the pandemic disrupted our work patterns, Microsoft Teams was helping teams collaborate and increase productivity. Teams provides instant access to the people, content, and tools your business needs...


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