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SurePay is an electronic bill payment system which securely handles the distribution of the funds to billers on behalf of customers at no cost to them

SurePay currently has a network of over forty payment centres at convenient retail outlets across Barbados, Trinidad and the British Virgin Islands. SurePay (St. Lucia) launched on September 1, 2012, offers consumers the ability to pay their utility and other recurring bills, at any SurePay collection point island wide.

The SurePay system is constantly in communication with each of the biller’s accounting systems, updating payments to each account on an on-going basis which means all account information is kept current and secure. It also means bills can be paid on the day they are due and not risk penalty. Payments can also be made after the bills are due! No longer does paying bills mean writing cheque after cheque or wasting time in line after line. It now means just one simple payment at any SurePay payment centre and that’s it, bills are done. It’s an easy one stop, one total payment and the consumer receives an official proof of payment receipt for their records.

SurePay… the convenient way to pay!

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Q. What is SurePay?
Q. Where can SurePay Locations/ Collection Points be found?
Q. What Bills can be paid at SurePay?
Q. How does it work?
Q. Attributes of the Service – FAST, SAFE & FREE?

Special Note:

  • All cheques are written out to SurePay
  • Only cash payments can be made for Pan American Life

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