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On April 5, 2017 J. E. Bergasse & Company Limited under its corporate social responsibility programme, made an equipment donation of a Xerox Multifunction copier to ‘Make It Happen Saint Lucia’. A foundation which focuses primarily on bringing corporate Saint Lucia, government and institutions together in sponsorship towards social community projects, restoration, and school rehabilitation. A cause which J.E. Bergasse also stands behind through its social development efforts – a stance perhaps often overlooked for its simplicity: ‘give back to society and empower it to grow’. And with this motivation, J.E. Bergasse without hesitation assisted ‘Make It Happen Saint Lucia’ in its refurbishment project for police stations across Saint Lucia.

The police stations which serve several communities were identified for refurbishment, some in dire need of repairs, furniture and equipment being the priority concern. This has resulted in ‘Make It Happen Saint Lucia’ seeking the aid of various businesses to help augment the country’s operating houses for security.

Mrs. Raquel Duboulay-Chastanet, President, ‘Make It Happen Saint Lucia’ remarked during the presentation along with Inspector Lucius Lake that “there is a need to provide an adequate and functional environment for the men and women to whom we entrust our lives every day. In some cases, this is their second home, as a result, this environment impacts on the way they execute their services to the public. As such, the more tools they are equipped with to process important documents is merely a faster way to disseminate much needed information in criminal cases. So we are appreciative of this generous contribution to the RSLPF.”

By investing in social and community development, J.E. Bergasse believes that it is providing the physical tools and opportunities for efficiency but more importantly, in assisting communities and in this case, our public security to succeed. According to the Marketing Manager, Josette Edgar, “community enrichment is a key facet of our business philosophy, we assist many organisations with equipment and provide many other tools for project development. The ‘Make It Happen Saint Lucia’ programme is one that can be emulated for such great efforts, bringing businesses houses and communities together in making an amazing difference in the lives of people.”

This rehabilitation exercise will continue at all police stations. This will allow the police to address sensitive issues and provide the public with a better service.


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