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Which Service Maintenance Agreement Should You Get?

You’ve decided to trade in your current machine for a new one because you’re just tired of the downtimes and dents in your productivity and workflow. You’ve decided to get a Xerox model, but you want to ensure that you do not experience the same levels of interruptions as before.

You now know the benefits of getting a Full-Service Maintenance Agreement; however, you’re still wavering on which one you should agree to get. But first…a quick bonus on why you should get an FSMA at the time of purchasing your equipment.

J E Bergasse & Company Service technicians.

Your equipment does have a 12-month warranty after purchase; however, unexpected, routine maintenance and purchasing parts can get costly. Additionally, without an FSMA support is available; however, you will need a billable service call, which includes paying for:

  • Labor: current rate/hr – $225.00 plus VAT per hour.
  • Travel: depending on zone.
  • Parts: dependent on what part needs to be replaced.
  • Response Time: best effort, but always prioritized behind warranty and Service Agreement customers.

Choosing an agreement tailored to your needs and your equipment at the time of purchase ensures:

  • A 10% to 20% depending on the model type of equipment at the time of purchase
  • “New product” agreement pricing available for a limited time only.
  • And top priority.

Do You Get An All-In or All-Out?

Both an all-in and an all-out FSMA includes similarities in what is and what’s not included. An example of what’s included:

  • Two (2) scheduled visits per year for the cleaning and servicing of listed equipment (such visits may be combined with an emergency visit depending on the proximity of the emergency visit) and repair or replacement of any or all parts deemed by JEB to require replacement to facilitate the proper operation of the equipment together with the labor necessary for same. 
  • Emergency visits due to malfunction of the equipment.
  • Mandatory software upgrades to operating systems and adjustments/repair to existing versions, if applicable
  • The provision of such services as needed during JEB’s normal working hours. 
  • Access to stocked parts, which JEB has deemed (with the advice of the manufacturer) to have the highest incidence of replacement, in order to minimize any inconvenience to you “the customer”.
  • Monitoring software that enables JEB to receive fault reports, meter readings, and supplies levels enabled on the device with your permission of course.

However, there is one differentiating factor between the two. While having an All-In contract means you get coverage for consumable items, specifically, the drums, fuser Module, and Waste Toner Bottle, in an all-out, it does notHowever, this can be tailored based on your machine model.

We’ve made it very easy for you to have an in-depth look at our All-in Full-Service Maintenance Agreement in the attachment below “click the button”as well as what is not included in an FSMA overall.

However, the truth is, the best way to make a decision that is right for you is by having a one on one conversation with us, and our team is open to answering any questions you may have to help you ensure that you’re making the right choice.

To get in touch with us for more information, call (758) 456-6532, or respond to this email with a YES tell me more about the subject, and a customer support rep will reach out to you.



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